Park Surger

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

Be On Time

Please arrive promptly and remember to cancel your appointment if you can no longer keep it; someone else may need to see a doctor urgently.

Keep It or Cancel It

If you are not able to keep your appointment, please cancel this as soon as possible to enable others to benefit from it.

If You Move Home or Change Your Phone Number

Please let us know your new details. You can download a Change of Personal Details form from our Website. If you move outside the practice area, please do not assume that we can continue to care for you. If you have an email address please let us know, this may useful to send you important information.

Treat Staff with Respect

Violence, verbal abuse, threatening behaviour, sexual or racial discrimination directed at any member of the Practice team will not be tolerated. Offending patients may be removed from the Practice list and, depending on the severity of the incident, the Police may become involved.

Practice Complaints Procedure

We offer a Practice Complaints Procedure to deal with suggestions and complaints about the services we provide. Our Data or Office manager can give you further information, or you can download copies of our Practice Complaints Procedure and Equal Opportunities & Anti-Discrimination Policy documents for full details. Our aim is to give the highest possible standard of service and we try to deal with any problems that may occur.

The Practice

Patient Information

Useful Information

Patient UK

Patient UK provides comprehensive health information as provided by GPs and Nurses to patients during consultations.