Park Surgery

Confidentiality & Data Protection

We are committed to the confidentiality of patient information stored in whatever form, and fully comply with the Data Protection legislation and Medical Confidentiality guidelines. All staff members have to sign a confidentiality agreement, a copy of which you can download from our website. If you would like to see our Data Protection policy, you can also download this from the website.

Medical information will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed, on a strictly confidential basis, to those involved with the patients’ treatment or care. We sometimes receive requests for information from third parties, such as insurance companies for medical reports and solicitors for copies of medical records. We only comply with these requests if we are satisfied the patient has given informed consent. You can download our Records Management Policy and Access to Health Records Policy documents from our website.

Freedom of Information

You can download copies of our FOI Policy, FOI Leaflet, or Park Surgery Model Publication Scheme documents from our website or pick one up in reception with regards to our policies and compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

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The Pension Service

Advice on State Retirement Pension and all entitlements and benefits for which current and future pensioners are eligible.